Chicable Mentions: Selena

Selena033 Photo cred: Tumblr and

    Selena Quintanilla Perez was a Mexican-American singer and the fan-proclaimed, “Queen of Tejano music”. While there’s no denying Selena’s amazing voice and fabulous dance moves, her influence on the fashion industry can’t be denied. Selena’s fashion sense was something that was ahead of the curve, from her bustiers to her Chanel brick lipstick (which I just discovered has been discontinued for awhile now *insert tears here*). She loved fashion as much as she loved music, as it was her passion for the industry that started the launch of her boutique and salon “Selena Inc.” in Corpus Christi, Texas, her hometown. Many of Selena’s looks of the 90s have inspired many looks shown from singers today from all different genres of music. So today, Here Comes The Chic thanks Selena for her influence on the world with her beauty, grace and style. selena 2selena 3Sel_008


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