Beauty post: My favorite red products

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One thing I noticed on the fashion week runways and the red carpet was the abundance of red. Apparently, it’s spring’s latest trend, which doesn’t come as a surprise to me because it’s the BEST color ever. 
 As someone who wears red each and every season, I thought that I would help some of you darlings that want to know how to incorporate red in your beauty looks. Below is information on how to get some of my favorite red beauty products!
And quick beauty tip: When it comes to red, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE! I’m sure some of you know this, but I’ve seen many girls looking like tomatoes in my day. You really would be surprised what a red lip or eye on a seemingly nude face can do for a look. The same goes for red nail polish. Again, tomatoes are great, but we’re not trying to look like one!

Edp perfume
$29 –

H M nail polish
$4.59 –

Stila eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup

Photo: Chanel Iman for


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