Happy “What I wore Wednesday”!!

liz4              Happy Wednesday fashionistas/os!! So I’ve decided to try something for the blog where I show off some of my personal style. We’ll call it “What I wore Wednesday” because alliteration is groovy. I don’t know about you guys, but this has been the harshest winter ever and it takes A LOT for me to try and dress like a human being some days. But today, I managed to come up with this look. liz3                 I’ve always been a hat person and fedoras are great in any season, especially when doing your hair is just not an option for the day. I found this fedora at a vintage shop a few years ago.


         I’m not sure when, but most of my jewelry options consists of gold, gold and more gold. I love long chains and I tend to only where  them when I have on basic color tops. I also always go to this spiked bracelet when I want to add some edge to my look (which is almost always).vsdvd           Crop tops for women with a large bust are extremely hard to find, so when I did find one, I felt like I won the fashion lottery! I tend to wear this with high top pants, like these joggers. I love that joggers can be both comfortable and stylish at the same time as well. lizz6

                I decided to go with brown boots instead of black to kind of even out colors.


Outfit information is below! I would love to know your thoughts on this look!

Photo: Joy Yala

Styled by me

Makeup: M.A.C. Rebel lipstick ($16), NYC liquid eyeliner ($7.99), Urban decay shadow box ($34)

Blazer: Thrifted ($10)

Fedora: Thrifted ($5)

Crop top: Target ($12.99)

Pants: Charlotte Russe ($24.99)

Boots: Charlotte Russe ($34.99)

Necklace: Body Central ($7.99)

Bracelet: Forever 21 ($5.99)


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