Fashion News: Cinderella with a side of Looney Tunes

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This weekend, an illustrator and a designer gave me (and my childhood) actual life! Earlier last week, acclaimed fashion illustrator Hayden Williams announced that he would be partnering with Disney and Tumblr to create a dress that Cinderella would wear on the runway today. This, of course is in honor of the upcoming movie of the same name. Williams, who has become famous for drawing notable models, actresses, singers and, of course, Disney princesses, was more than excited about the gig.

“So honoured that @disney and @tumblr have asked me to design a reimagined dress in honour of @disneycinderella,” Williams wrote on his Instagram page.

m1              The Moschino fashion show for the Autumn/Fall 2015 Milan Fashion Week was bright, bold and Looney (pun intended). Designer Jeremy Scott payed homage to Bugs Bunny and the gang with long crewnecks, belts and handbags.

Photo: Moschino’s Instagram


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