Beauty Post: Purple Rain, Purple Rain

purp 1

  I love experimenting with my hair as much as I do with my clothes. I’ve had red, brown, pink, purple and orange hair in my lifetime (that I can recall). Since many of those colors were permanent, damage has definitely been done to my hair over the years. My hair is currently in it’s recovering phase, but I still yearn for a color blast to my natural hair, so last week I did some research on temporary colors. After many, many YouTube tutorials I found out about hair chalk from “Splat!” I know the brand has been out forever, but I’m always late to the party when it comes to hair products.


   I wanted to go with Midnight Blue since I’ve never tried blue hair before. I washed and deep conditioned my hair then braided it with Shea Butter before applying the chalk. The chalk is definitely messy, so wear a shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, apply this on dry hair for the best results.


     I’m not sure if any of you guys have tried the hair chalk, but the blue was no bueno for me. I could barely see the color on my black hair, and it faded almost instantly. In order to make it brighter, I remembered a video I watched from Naturally Tash of IRoCKmyNatural  on her YouTube channel. She does this awesome thing called “hair shadowing” where you apply eyeshadow on the strand of your hair. Again, this was apparently a huge thing last summer that I just became hip to. Naturally Tash used this Nyx primal eyeshadow in yellow, but I wanted to go the fuschia route. When I applied this to my hair, it gave me this dark, purple color.

purp 2

             Alas, the color didn’t even make it through the weekend (I did it on Friday and now it’s completely gone), but I fell in love with this look. I think I’ll look into more temporary colors and, of course, keep you posted!

purp 3


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