Accessory Inspiration: DVF for SS16 New York Fashion Week edition

        FW 3
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  As many of youknow, fashion week is happening right before our very eyes and was in full effect this past weekend. Many designers showcased their spring and summer 2016 collections and among them was, of course, Dianne Von Furstenberg.  DVF’s collections are always timeless and look as if they would look great on any woman no matter the size, which was apparent at Sunday’s show. The models displayed fun, sensible looks that made me want to sleep through the winter and fast forward to spring already. Typically with runway coverage, I try to find pieces that are similar (and more affordable) than what is seen during fashion week, but for DVF. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to incorporate the pieces and show how I would accessorize them.
          When I saw this jumpsuit, I instantly fell in love. The color scheme is brilliant as well as the patterns used. I thought this jumpsuit was so fun and wanted to accessorize it in the same way. A bright heel and clutch goes perfectly with this ensemble and I wanted to keep the makeup minimal but still effective and Urban Decay’s Naked line does a great job of doing that.
Like most DVF dresses, you have to show this dress off every time you wear it, and how you accessorize it can be crucial. I wanted to play up the pink because it’s bright and goes so perfectly with the design of the dress, so I added the pink and gold earrings with a matte lipstick. I loved the idea of wearing flats with this dress and decided to stick with the vision for my set (these may or may not be the same shoes). Instead of blue eye makeup, I decided to go with a polish that pops and gives the look something extra.

      For this look, you could accessorize it in a variety of ways, and many people to choose to go the lighter route. This was my initial thought because of the season it would be worn but changed my mind because a good dark look can be pulled off all year long. I decided that this piece needed a heel and black and gold jewelry. Since I love fringe, I had to incorporate it into the look in some way. Grouped with a darker lip, this look allows the suit to be the focus, which is what you want to happen for a DVF look.

4HnlXZQ0gKVJQPNSs9j8uqsVDdd2NlvBy1dGuN5fswhOSPU2FCg4fTPYo5vh8aR6zeFaLMIaQNy5VV2J22eMdL8myT-c661g7cP-n4O5-PqQu8ndDPw5-vzlp_CR88XLMDIJNLFq04297RypCwBc=s0-d-e1-ft  Okay okay, I’m not completely over summer yet, or rather, summer holidays. I didn’t plan it, but this look would be a great Memorial Day look to kick off summer 2016. The heel is so fun and sensible and a red lip with simple eye makeup would definitely finish this look.

See anything you like? Find out how to get it!

              -E. Randolph

Steve Madden yellow sandals

Gold bangle

Urban decay eyeliner
Fendi t strap sandals
$915 –

Urban Decay eyeshadow

Clinique lipstick
$25 –

Ankle strap shoes
$31 –

Akira beaded jewelry

Chanel eyeshadow

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$37 –

Dorothy Perkins greek leather sandals
$45 –

H M snap closure wallet
$23 –

Mac cosmetics lipstick


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