Perfumes to warm up your winter

Winter time is here and unfortunately won’t be going away for a few months! While facing the cold, a girl has to smell great, right? So I’ve found some inexpensive and pricey potions to keep you warm and possibly bring your winter love closer. 

  1. Chanel Coco Noir 

This scent has a strong but subtle and will be perfect for the rare times you’ll attempt to go out (if you’re like me and prefer hibernation). This is good, though, because you won’t want to use it much because this perfume will break the bank.

2. Rise by Beyonce

Rise reminds me of summer fun but also has a dark scent perfect for winter. This is perfect for a date or when you just want to reminisce about the times when life was good and snow was a distant memory.

3.  Mad perfume by Katy Perry

I wore this scent during the holidays and the sweet fragrance is great for Valentine’s Day or for cozying up.

Find out how to get these fragrances here.

Chanel perfume fragrance

Flower perfume
$36 –

Edp perfume
$36 –
Thoughts on these winter time perfumes? Share your thoughts below!

   E. Randolph


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