Thank you, Dr. King

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Like most children in elementary school, Martin Luther King Jr. Day meant a long and more time to sleep in. That was before, of course, watching Our Friend, Martin during the week before the holiday (if you didn’t watch this, your childhood wasn’t real). Each time the holiday passed, I would become entranced with Dr. King and the sacrifices he made during The Civil Rights Movement. He was a revolutionary, a pioneer, an activist and so much more. When the holiday was over, however, I forgot about Dr. King and the movement and moved on to playing with my “Bratz” dolls and being with my friends. It wasn’t until I became older and a tad bit wiser that I realized how significant this holiday is. Martin Luther King was the first black man to have a holiday in his honor. This was something that took a long time to come into fruition, as some felt the holiday was unnecessary. Dr. King’s message and vision is more than necessary to celebrate today. He made this country one step closer to a change. While his vision was cut short and we still have so much more to go, we still remember his legacy and all of the work he’s done for not only African-Americans, but everyone in our nation. So today, in addition to honoring the holiday, do something to better your community and further uphold his dream.




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