Thrifty Treats: Men’s flannel



Flannel shirts are pretty much a requirement during the winter months. While cliche, they can be a great staple for your wardrobe and can be styled in both a dressy and casual way. While these shirts can be found inΒ  every women’s boutique these days, I love the feel of what male flannel shirts give. I mean, nothing feels better than something that could’ve belonged to someone’s husband right? (All jokes, guys). I love getting my flannel shirts from thrift stores, as they aren’t styled to fit my body like the mall counterparts. This red shirt is a go-to top when I’m facing the cold.



I love wearing this with leggings or jeans but you can definitely rock this with a skater skirt and tennis shoes or an A-line skirt with heels. There are so many ways to make this top work and there’s no need to EVER break the bank doing it! I urge you guys to try one that isn’t designed for your body, as it’s much more loose and comfortable. Go to one of your favorite thrift stores or steal it from a boyfriend or close friend to step out of your comfort zone and look great in the cold!


E. Randolph


Flannel top- Gabe’s $7.99

Photo by me


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