OK, Bey!!

Recently, Beyonce was able to shock us yet again with an impromptu feature in Coldplay’s video “hymn for the weekend”.

Many of Bey’s fans were in awe of how the singer, who is set to perform with the band at the upcoming SuperBowl, had the time to film a video and do it without anyone knowing about it! The singer shot the video while still living the life of a star and mom as only she could!

Yonce 2

Photo courtesy of Laurel DeWitt’s Instagram page.

The singer made us all gag with a floral, colorful backdrop and patterned gown. What mostly raised heads for me, however, was the headdress she wore. The crown was designed by NYC-based designer Laurel DeWitt, who is becoming one of my favorite designers. Her designs are always edgy with a feminine touch and I’ve yet to see something from her collections I wouldn’t wear myself. This crown is the perfect touch to the look and the scenery.

Yonce 3

Illustration by Amr Mahmoud’s Instagram page

Yonce’s video look inspired multiple illustrations and the video has been on various social media pages, much like anything that has to do with her!

What did you think of Beyonce’s look in Coldplay’s video? Let me know in the comments!






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