Dupe Diaries: L’oreal True Match Foundation

dupe 1
 One of my favorite “dupes” (duplicates) is L’Oreal True Match Foundation. I typically only wear eye makeup and lipstick, but when I want to beat my face completely, I usually need a foundation that perfectly blends well with my skin. This foundation does just that and more.
c600x652  Similar to the Makeup Forever  moisturizing foundation, TrueMatch gives me a highlighted and clean look. It blends perfectly with my skin and I don’t look like I only tanned my face, which can happen with some foundations.
  One thing I definitely would recommend for TrueMatch, like most foundations, is to use as little as possible. Because this foundation is liquid, too much can easily make you go from glowing beauty to casket sharp. A matte finish is also crucial for this foundation to hold the moisturizer together.
dupe 2
Do you like today’s dupe?  Find out how to get it and/or its expensive counterpart below!
Photo- Me
Eyes- Urban decay
Lips- Urban Decay “Naked”

Moisturizing foundation
$36 – makeupforever.com


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