How to nail the denim skirt



Hello lovelies and welcome to another glance in my stylebook! I’ve been thinking of more exciting ways to present content to the blog and the ideas have been great! Even though it’s not quite here yet, this spring/summer is already turning out to be one of growth and style. One style trend for the spring and summer is the denim skirt. While this is hardly new (I’ve been wearing them since at least Kindergarten lol), it seems to always be on someone’s runway every other season. This Moschino skirt is playful and needs accessories that are just as such. A crop top with a fun flare adds to the look and gives a great adult spin on a childhood favorite.
Find out how to get this look below!

Crop top

Love Moschino denim skirt
$395 –

Christian Louboutin patent leather shoes
$600 –

RED Valentino leather handbag
$585 –

Retro sunglasses

See anything you like? Let me know in the comments!

E. Randolph


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