New natural products!


Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend was filled with wonderful, stylish adventures. In addition to fashion, I love trying out new things in the beauty department, especially with natural hair products. I’ve recently decided to stop flat ironing or “straightening” my hair in order to avoid further heat damage. With this decision, I also needed to add a few new products to my hair care cocktail that I absolutely have to share with you guys because I love you so much!


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1. Dark and Lovely Au Naturale curl defining glaze

I’ve been falling in actual love with “Dark and Lovely” products for awhile now. In addition to the fruity and sweet smells the products bring to my hair, they also leave my hair feeling smooth and not greasy. With this curl defining glaze, I use it to give my curls an extra pop and it’s great for days when you just want to hop out of bed and go. The glaze is a mixture of mango oil and bamboo milk and gives my curls a shine all day. My main thing I would warn about this product is it is very thick in texture so LESS IS MORE!

2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque, $12.99

Shea Moisture products are another product I’ve been a fan of. African black soap is also a dream come true and one of the best creations ever! So when I saw this masque, I knew I couldn’t pass it by. The masque is designed to control dandruff and bring moisture to dry and itchy scalps. This is perfect if you’re like me and tend to have dandruff faster Β than a Pink sale brings in women. I’ve only been using this product for a week but I’m already in love. The only thing about this is you have to use it every other day or it will not work for you.

3. Dark and Lovely moisture L.O.C. cream, $8.99

Yes, another Dark and Lovely product! When I say I love these products I am not joking lol. This serum is great for those who want a faster method to the L.O.C (Leave in, Oil and cream) method. The cream acts as a three-in-one and smells DIVINE!! It also adds a lot of moisture to the hair and like the curl glaze, less is definitely more. This is because it is very thick as well and since there is oil in it, you don’t want to have too much oil in your hair. This method also wouldn’t be good if you already have your own L.O.C. method, which most naturalistas do.

What are your thoughts on these natural hair care products? Do you use these or are thinking about trying them? Let me know in the comments!

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