The protective hairstyle I may never try again

braids four

Happy Monday, my lovelies! I hope your week is getting off to a great start in style! As many of you who are naturalistas know, a great way to maintain the hair that you’ve worked SO hard to grow and make healthy is to do protective styling. One of the things I love about being a black woman is there’s so many styles you can do with your hair from braids to twists to weaves to wigs. One style I typically use when protective styling is braids and twists. I use these because not only are braids more of a penny saver than bundles, they also look so regal and are also good on saving me time, as I typically wake up, put them in a minimal style and go. So naturally when the time came to get another protective style, I told my stylist I wanted senegalese twists. After seeing my fro and all its glory, the stylist immediately suggested I try something different: latch hook braids. Now I know this style is nowhere near new, but seeing as I never embraced the style when I was younger, I decided to try it for the first time.

braid 1
First day of my braids

It took about three hours for the crotchet braids to be installed. I used nine (yes you read that right, NINE) packs of African braiding senegalese hair. The reason why I say I may not wear this style again has NOTHING to do with the hair. As some of you know, good quality braiding hair can be hard to come by, and this brand definitely doesn’t disappoint. I loved how soft it was throughout and despite how it looks, it wasn’t very heavy on my head. It also looked very natural and the colors really fit me well.

braid two

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The reason why I will probably never wear this style is because I felt that it did NOTHING to maintain my hair. When I took this out, my hair was beyond dry. While this is normal with most protective styles, I had never seen so much built up dirt on my head until I got this style. It was literally as if someone put sand on my head with a pail Also, styling this hair is almost impossible. If you’re like me and like to wear updos, ponytails or anything where your “kitchens” show, this style isn’t for you! This is because the place where the hair ends and begins is obnoxiously visible. I’m so glad I took this down right before the summer because I have no time for all of that hair to be down my back.

braid thre

Overall, it was a fun look and I got a lot of compliments, but I’ll never do it again. Not probably. Never. I need to feel my scalp and maintain my hair, not just have something pretty.

What are your thoughts on latch hook braids or this post? Let me know in the comments!


E. Randolph


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