Summer 2016 “Every day” LookBook



     Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having a fabulous midweek and are ready to take on the day and slay! Remember when I used to do “what I wore Wednesday“? Those posts were sooo fun to shoot but, I’ll be honest, SO MUCH WORK! So in order to save my sanity, I decided to take a small break from them in order to have my style shoots be more special than tedious. Since it is now June and summer is officially here, I thought this Wednesday would be as good a day as any to present some of my favorite looks for the season. These looks are ones you can wear for “every day” or “casual” occasions.

Look #1: Coffee run or trip to the movies

LIZZY PS 05282016 (4 of 60)

This look is perfect for when you have a day to unwind and spend time with yourself or others. It is very casual yet still makes you feel like you didn’t just roll out of bed to make a quick run.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (5 of 60)

This shirt I got from Rainbow (yes, Rainbow) for $7.99 was something I instantly fell in love with. Rainbow sometimes gets a bad rap but it is a great store when you just need something to throw together in a timely manner. I love anything with a statement piece and the photo on the shirt really captured my attention. Also, who doesn’t want to be “flawless” from time to time? This top fits well with the shorts, as it stands alone as well as complements the shorts.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (8 of 60)

I love a great pair of shorts that are comfortable and won’t show all of my goods,  ha. These shorts from Charlotte Russe do just that. The shorts were only $28 and are high waist, though I opted not to show that off for this look due to the fact I didn’t want to take anything away from the top.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (12 of 60)

  I think that I think I’m really the fifth cheetah girl. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of cheetah and leopard print clothes and shoes, something I definitely picked up from my mom. These leopard loafers from Rue 21 for $12  were something I thought gave this look an extra “something”. Because there isn’t much of a pattern throughout the rest of the look, adding the shoes give it a bold flair and also adds to the casual theme.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (16 of 60)

This bag is perfect for an on-the-go look. It is very accessible and though small, can fit a large amount of things. I constantly wear this Body Central bag when I have a bunch of errands to run and don’t want to be tied down with a bag. The decals also add to the edgy-yet-casual vibe this look gives.

Look #2 Concert

LIZZY PS 05282016 (19 of 60)

   Concerts and festivals during the summer are almost always a thing. Because there is a lot of standing and waiting in lines, this look is perfect for feeling comfortable and dressy all at the same time.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (23 of 60)

This camo dress from Rainbow is perfect for an outdoor concert. While it is a tad shorter than I expected, A solid kimono or a pair of leggings would add more layers and cover to the look.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (26 of 60)

You all know I love a good oxford shoe, and these pleather flats from Forever 21 didn’t disappoint. I love how well the color of the shoes and the dress blend together and I’m glad I chose these flats over the traditional combat boots that tend to come with camo dresses.

Look #3 Date during the day

LIZZY PS 05282016 (38 of 60)

 With summer comes summer romance and an opportunity to meet someone new or continue building on something you have. Either way, you have to spend time with each other, right? This typically involves going on a date and spending time with your SO and possibly getting a little jazzed up for it. This look is perfect for a quick lunch break from work or after work drinks. It’s not too dressy but it also shows there was effort involved.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (32 of 60)

    This crop top for $18.99 from Charlotte Russe is what gives the look a dressy and sexy feel. I love that it isn’t revealing and still gives you a chance to be sensual. If this is a first date, however, a thin cardigan will stop you from feeling as if you’re showing too much skin.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (36 of 60)

      This wrap skirt for $22.99 at Charlotte Russe is EVERYTHING! I love everything about it from the color to the fact that it hugs and fits my body nicely. the split of the skirt is just enough to not be trashy, which I greatly appreciated.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (40 of 60)

       More cheetah! I couldn’t resist these sandals from Charlotte Russe and I love how they don’t feel as if they are going to fall off when you walk in them. These shoes are perfect with the darker colors and give it a sophisticated and casual vibe.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (43 of 60)

This bag from Versona’s  color somehow brings a pop to the entire look. It is bold alone and heightens the darker colors of the outfit.

   Look #4: Shopping

           LIZZY PS 05282016 (50 of 60)         Even though I’m putting myself on a budget this summer, I’d be lying if I said I won’t be doing ANY shopping! Shopping is in me. It’s within my soul and helps to make up the very essence of me. Since I will definitely be going somewhere to spend money, I might as well look chic while doing it. This look is perfect for a trip to the mall, thrift store, or anywhere else in between.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (53 of 60)

After an extensive search, I found a great denim crop top that showed what needed to be showed, as well as covered what needed to be covered.This acid-wash crop top from Charlotte Russe  for $22.99 is form fitting and is perfect to pair with denim or even a maxi skirt.

LIZZY PS 05282016 (57 of 60)

The white jeans for $24.99 pair well with the top and definitely adds to the summer vibe. I love how this pants are also high waist and give enough room for the stomach to show, which is essential for a daytime look. The combat boots from Charlotte Russe also pairs well and is perfect for those who believe boots are a year-round thing.


Thoughts on any of these looks or this post? Let me know in the comments!


E. Randolph


Photos courtesy of the very talented Tara Lee. Check out her photography blog!



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