Beauty myth buster: Dark lipstick in the summer

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Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Hope you all are having a great week in chic! Can you believe we are midsummer already? This summer, along with this year, is flying by. While the summer has been one of new trends and the return of some old ones, one big misconception is still on the rise. That misconception is dark lipsticks aren’t, “meant for summer”. Yes, people still think this is a thing. Not only can dark lipsticks be worn in the summer, they should be! I personally am a lover of dark colors all year long and believe they can be rocked no matter what the temperature is outside. Here are some of my favorite shades of lipsticks to wear in the summer.


Shade one: Maroon


I love the color maroon! Not only does it look good on all shades of skin, it can also be classic and grungy. The shades are perfect for a summer class, a day at the office or that important meeting you have been nervous about. Because the color is neutral on most shades, you are able to make a statement without letting the color take over your overall look. Two of the best maroon lipsticks are Diva by MAC, priced at $17 and Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, priced at $20.


Shade two: Brown

     One thing I have noticed about myself beauty-wise is that I’m starting to like neutral colors more and more. Brown lipstick definitely heightens this love. Typically worn in the fall, the color brown brings out beiges in pinks in such a great way. Brown is perfect for a summer brunch or Sunday at church and similar to maroon, can slay on many different skin tones. A great brown lipstick would be Brown Berry by Anastasia Beverly Hills, priced at $20.


Shade three: Red


If you know me personally or even seen me on here or any of my socials, you’d know red lipstick is my thing! I haven’t found anything that is more my thing then the first day my mom introduced me to fried chicken. I will wear red all day, 365 days a year and I urge you to do the same! Red lipstick is one of those timeless colors you can wear at any age, color or mood. Red lipstick is pretty much perfect for any occasion, but I always like to wear it when I know I have to serve and get in formation (i.e.,going out). One of my favorite red lipsticks right now is Feels So Grand by MAC priced at $20. If you’re looking for something a little less pricier and less bright, though, Rouge by NYX, priced at $7.


Shade four: Dark Purple


   Second to red, I adore a great, dark purple lipstick. While a lot of people shy away from it, purple is a great first or second color to add to your makeup collection. It is great to wear dark purples in a casual setting and it can also be used to a black dress or romper. Some of my favorite dark purple shades are Oh Lady by MAC and Femme Fatale Matte by Smashbox.

   See any colors you like? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


E. Randolph


Long wearing lipstick

Long wearing lipstick

Long wearing lipstick


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