Five ways to sneak in a crop top at work

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Whether it’s for short-term internship or a long-term, full-time job, making the transition from casual to office attire may be difficult for some. This is especially true in the summer, where trends like crop tops have become a staple this year. As any follower of trends (who also lives at work), you probably want to try out a crop top but aren’t sure if it will compromise your professionalism. Don’t worry, your girl has got you covered! Below is how you can sneak in a crop top at the office.



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1.High-waist tulle skirt

Tulle skirts have certainly elevated in fashion these past few years. What was once a look associated with 80s glam and a certain New York writer with a dope shoe collection, tulle skirts are now much more casual. A graphic crop top pairs great with this skirt and the high-waist look gives only a hint of skin.

2.Harem Pants

Harem pants are a great addition to a professional look. They are free-flowing and also look great with heels. A basic colored top would pair great with harem pants and they also provide minimal skin in the abdomen area.

3. Maxi Skirt

While some think of maxi skirts as more of a look for a relaxing day, they can be effectively worn in the office. It can look great with an over-the-shoulder top for a boho chic look.

                      See how I achieved my professional crop top look here

4. Blazer

Adding a blazer to a crop top is such a classic look. Worn in the 90s a lot, it is a great, fun look to the office. Color blocking would go great with this and adds an element of discreet because your boss won’t focus as much on the fact that you’re daring to show a little skin.

5. Kimono

A flowing kimono would look great with a silky crop top and skirt. The kimono acts to cover up the crop top just in case it’s needed.


Thoughts on these ideas to rock your crop top at work? Let me know in the comments!


E. Randolph



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