Stylebook Inspiration: Mary Katrantzou

Untitled #82


It’s no secret that I love color. I especially love when color is heightened to enhance a solid color piece. No designer has done this as eloquently to me than Mary Katrantzou. I first saw Katranzou’s pieces during Spring 2016 fashion week (super late, I know) and have been in love with her collections ever since. She has a way of adding feminine and edginess to all of her pieces and her designs are always eccentric.
To show my appreciation for Katrantzou and her designs, this summer set features all of Katrantzou’s pieces. This jumpsuit adds a pop of color, as well as brings a sexy, sleek look with the visible sheer. The open-toed heels are colorful and add to the playfulness of the look. A small handbag with a necklace to add to the suit is perfect for a summer night or afternoon out on the town where you want to be seen!
See anything you like? Find out how to get it and let me know how you feel about this set in the comments!

E. Randolph

Mary Katrantzou playsuit jumpsuit
$1,245 –

Mary Katrantzou laced shoes
$345 –

Mary Katrantzou flower print handbag
$175 –

Mary Katrantzou multi layer necklace
$140 –


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