How to find the perfect protective style/ styles this winter


  As much as it pains me to say, winter is beginning to rear its ugly head. Over the weekend, I literally went from wearing no jacket on Friday to wiping off a thick amount of snow off of my car on Sunday! This is definitely an Ohio prob, but all of you lovelies who live in other parts of the world will soon experience frigid air if you haven’t already. If you’re natural, you know how disrespectful the cold air can be to your hair. It makes your ends crunchy, your scalp dry and your edges, well, lets not even take that trip. It’s during these times where protective styles can be the most beneficial to our hair in order to avoid any damage to our hair and/or scalp these winter months. Unsure of what style you want? Here are some that I’ve tried and what I loved and didn’t love about them.


Box braids

Random selfie in my old apartment, Sept. 2015

These blonds box braids were a look I tried last Fall and were perfect for the cold months. I loved the versatility these braids came with and how I could literally get up and go about my day. What I didn’t care for so much, however, was the pain that comes with getting those installed. Box braids are also very time consuming, so be prepared for that.


Halloween weekend in Chicago, Oct. 2016

   During the summer, I experimented with weave to avoid flat ironing my natural hair after vowing to stop doing so this year. I loved being able to change my hair color and put as much heat as I wanted without doing anything to my hair. However,blending  your natural hair is a very important part of wearing weave and after many failed attempts, I decided I may not be about this life.

Crotchet braids

Taken from Snapchat, caption is self-explanatory, Aug. 2016

    What I love about crotchet braids is that they give your natural hair a complete rest. There’s no leave out required nor is there any pulling or tugging, as there is with braids. I’ve used crotchet braids for both twists and braiding hair and I must say the twists were much more viable. As I’ve discussed in a previous post, however, I couldn’t do much as far as styling, especially with updos. As for the braiding hair, I liked the curly look but the curls matted up very quickly, as braiding hair typically does.

This bathroom picture was literally the only one I could find with me and this hair, April 2016

     After reviewing my previous looks, I personally think I’ll be trying something completely different for my next look. As always I will keep you guys posted and let me know what look you’re thinking about trying this winter!





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