Stylebook Inspiration: Thanksgiving 2016 looks

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! The holiday season is officially upon us starting with Thanksgiving tomorrow! As you get older, some holidays become more of a favorite than they used to be and Thanksgiving is definitely one of those for most of my friends. This is mainly because the sole thing you have to bring on this holiday is yourself and your appetite. No gift, no bae, just belly! This Thanksgiving I will personally be spending time at home with my family and enjoying the time off from working. While it may sound completely boring, it’s everything I need right now! If you’re not like me and will be leaving your house to actually be seen, finding the perfect outfit could be difficult to find this year. No worries, as always, I’ve got you covered! Below are some style set ideas for the main activities that take place on turkey day.


Thanksgiving set 1

Out and About

          Whether you’ve been invited to a “friendsgiving” dinner or stepping out with your SO for dinner at multiple houses, you know pictures will be taken and you will need an outfit that rises to the occasion. Because you want to be warm, comfortable and stylish, a jumpsuit will be perfect for house jumping. This orange, loose-fitting suit is perfect for the plates you will sample during your visits. The color also pairs great with the fridge shawl by New Chic. A wide fedora and ankle boots gives you a perfect finish to this fall look and leaves you comfortable and chic at the same time.

Thanksgiving set 2

  Going to the parents’ home

      If you’re in college or starting to live on your own for the first time, Thanksgiving is typically the first time you’re coming home in a few months. Going home is the perfect opportunity to come back, be pampered and not have to spend any money on food. This look is perfect for when you know you’re probably not leaving the house all day, unless you’re the type of person to make “special runs to the store” with your favorite cousins (if you don’t know what I mean by that, please refer to Twitter or Instagram for Thanksgiving memes). This sweatshirt is the ultimate chill sweatshirt and is definitely a statement piece. The look called for an element of gold to me, so I decided to add in the Cinderella carriage purse and gold pumas to give the look a fun, sparkly finish. For more animation, these Star Wars hoops are perfect to start a conversation while you’re waiting for the glorious food you’re about to receive.

Still need some more Fall fashion inspiration?

Thanksgiving set 3

Hosting dinner

            Hosting Thanksgiving dinner, from what I’ve heard, can be extremely stressful. In addition to work, school and/or any other stress, you have to make sure you have enough food for everyone and that your home looks fabulous. You also want to make sure you’re fabulous, too. This velvet shift dress is perfect for a hostess, as it gives the vibe that you’re in your home and comfortable but you still want to look cute. Paired with burgundy knee-high boots, it is the perfect color blocking set for a Fall dinner. A leaf pin and gold accessories and nude lip gives a minimal look for a warm holiday at your home.


            See anything you like? Find out how to get it below and let me know what you think! And I hope all of you have a safe and prosperous holiday filled with family and yummy, yummy food.




Details on these looks:


Plus size coat
$29 –

L Agence jump suit

Gianvito Rossi black boots
$835 –


WithChic ripped skinny jeans
$38 –

Puma black shoes

Hand bag
$24,610 –

Toast velvet dress
$210 –

Jimmy Choo over-the-knee suede boots
$1,190 –

Olivia Burton vintage watch
$120 –

Tarte lipstick

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