Holiday Style book series look one: A lady and her fur

Untitled #86


Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope you all are having a stylish and amazing beginning to the week ahead. This week has always been a hectic one for me, as it would be when I would run and get all of my  Christmas gifts together because I was just getting done with school for the semester. Now that school’s over, however, I still have that “wait until the last minute” mentality so this week will once again get busy for me. Also, to add to the craziness of my personal life, I’ve decided to do a holiday style book for all of you! Each day until New Years Day, there will be a look inspiration post in hopes of inspiring you to feel and look your best this holiday season!
      For the first look, I decided to use fur and sequin pants as the stars. I don’t think you can properly holiday without some sparkle, and as cliche as it is, we all wear it during this time. Even though the pants are definitely the stars, adding a navy blue crop top to pair with the fur makes it a fun, warm look that still allows you to be sexy. To make this look just a tad more extra, I went with a platform boot. This is perfect for when you want to attend a night out to relieve some holiday stress but still want to look fabulous doing so.
See anything you like? Find out how to get it below:

Yellow gold jewelry
$6,250 –
           Thoughts on this look? Let me know in the comments, as always!


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