What are you waiting for?

In my experience of knowing and coming across various groups of people in my 24 years of living, one thing I’ve learned to be true is everything has something that’s holding them back from achieving a goal. Whether it’s something small like taking a nap to avoid cleaning or something big like telling a loved one something that will alter their life, we all procrastinate on something at some point. Procrastination is something that has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. I always had the mentality that there will always be time to do something later or the next day or the next year. What I’ve learned this year is that theory is trash! It was something I was fine with knowing to be true about myself until now.

After putting it off for about two years, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel! I never thought this would be something I would do. I was always so scared of what people would think because I’m usually shy or closed off when I first meet someone. I also had someone who I was involved with who laughed when he saw one of my videos I planned to upload. All of that negative energy (which was later removed) made me not want to put myself out there, but it wasn’t until I had no choice but to believe in myself and my craft that I decided to go for it. I mean here I am, 24, a college graduate and starting graduate school but still not at the place where I can say I truly believe in myself. I know writing is my gift and fashion, beauty and women empowerment is my passion so I have to go for it and create my brand so I can do everything I want to do to create a platform to not only entertain and inform, but to create jobs for women like me.

So if you have anything that’s holding you back I encourage you to go for it! The biggest failure is never going for the thing you’re most passionate about. Even if it just makes you happy and you get no money out of it, at least no one can say you didn’t try!

Β Β  Love,



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