Valentine’s Day look one: First Date Chic


Happy Thursday, lovelies! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you still don’t have a look yet, no worries girl, I got you covered! I’ve never been on a first date on Valentine’s Day, but I’ve seen it in at least one romantic comedy before lol. If you are going on a first date on Valentine’s Day, though, this would be the perfect casual look for the occasion. While some would go for a more glam look, I’m thinking the setting is like a cup of coffee or lunch, so this is definitely something I would do.


I really love denim on denim, but I always have to spruce it up with some color, so I added purple Bamboo boots with a bold lip from MAC. This look made me feel very “round the way girl” meets “scary spice”. I wanted to experiment with my natural hair more and I love this cute, afro puff style. This look is perfect for if you’re making a first impression.


What are your thoughts on this look? Would you rock a casual look for a first date? Let me know! P.S. more looks will be coming soon!




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