Valentine’s Day look three: Love yourself

Shot by Joy Yala. Styled by Elizabeth Randolph (me, I just wanted to be fancy lol)

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I’m at the end of my Valentine’s Day look book series and this has been SO fun to shoot! I’m so happy to have such creative and talented friends to work with and doing things like this is a constant reminder. For this look, I wanted to have one so that was for those who are spending Valentine’s Day without a significant other this year (saying “alone” sounds, so, ew lol). This is my plight for the day, as I’ll be working and then probably watching Netflix by myself. Tuesday will be my first Valentine’s Day solo in a few years, but I think it will be my best. I’m on a path of self love and appreciating my own company. I’ve been in love with the process of taking care of myself from my hair to focusing on being more consistent with things too realizing everyone doesn’t deserve my energy. It’s still a long road, but God has been with me in showing me that with faith and consistency I’ll be fine.

Sweater: Charlotte Russe $30, Skirt: Forever 21 plus, $25, Purse: Ralph Lauren, $160, Shoes: Doc Martens, $100

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day single, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Being single is an opportunity to learn yourself and what you really want in a partner. Sometimes God needs us to be by ourselves in us to walk the path He wants us to. It can be hard, especially when society says we should have someone at a certain age, but true love is not a sprint. I rather meet one permanent man later in life than have a  temporary one right now (note to God: please don’t let it be MUCH later lol).

Lip color: Selena Mac, Amor Prohibido

For Valentine’s Day, spend this time doing what you love. Treat yourself to a good lunch or dinner. Go shopping, get a massage or get your nails done (oh yeah, I’ll be doing that too,  my nails look worse than press ons!) Also, make sure to love on the people you have. They’re in your life for a reason and the family and/or friends will be there before and after you find your perfect match. Find ways to embrace the love around you without feeling bad about it because it’s not the love you’re receiving that day. One thing I’ve learned is the genuine, positive energy you put out tends to always come back to you when it’s your time. So don’t forget to love yourself, be great, and have a chic day on Valentine’s Day, same as you would every day.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on this look? I’d love to know!




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