5 things to do if you’re not feeling very ‘patriotic’ this President’s Day

Good morning, lovelies! I hope everyone had (or for you awesome people who have awesome jobs) are having a great and relaxing weekend! Today the kids don’t have school and most offices are closed due to President’s Day. A day where we reflect and acknowledge the 45 leaders of the free world by possibly sleeping in and getting ready for the week ahead. Due to the current political climate we’re in, I, like many others, am simply not feeling very excited about celebrating the day. This is because our current “leader” has only been in office a month and….well….you know what it is. I would just like to do anything but acknowledge 45th and if you’re like me and would like to do the same, I’ve got you covered! Here’s my list of things we can do in order to avoid showing orange any love today.


  1. Shop!


The last time I remember going shopping! My trip in Chicago this past October

         I know, I know, but what do you expect, I am a fashion writer, right? What kind of guru would I be if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that many stores like Macy’s have HUGE President’s Day sales? Nothing helps ease the depressing facts of the real world quite like getting an amazing pair of shoes for 40 percent off. So find some coupons online or in a newspaper and indulge yourself for a few hours to take your mind off of the day.

  2. Read Barack and Michelle Obama’s ‘People Magazine’ interview

The Obamas People magazine cover

        This is something I’ve been dying to do and will get to today. In one of his final interviews as president, Barack Obama addressed many issues that were going to exist after 45th’s inauguration. One of them would be the lack of optimism from the public. The then president wanted People readers to know he was still optimistic for the American people despite what the next one stands for. If you need hope when it feels as if the state of our nation is hopeless, this will be a great read to remind yourself we will get through this.


3. Listen to your favorite optimistic tunes

          During these troubling times, music is always a great salvation. Many songs were made before our time but fit them in a perfect way. “One” by U2 and “Imagine” by John Lennon speaks to what’s happening now, as 45th and is supporters want nothing but to separate everyone. By going back and listening to these songs, we can imagine a better world during and after these four years. If you want something in this era, though, I strongly encourage you to check out Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper, as it is both inspiring and empowering.

4. Watch shows and/or movies that highlight minorities in a positive way

The cast of “The New Edition Story”

         We see so many images of us in a bad light and since our current “leader” is perpetuating that light, we have to show our younger generation more positive images of us (in addition to watching them ourselves). One movie I highly recommend would be “Southside with you” which is the story of how Barack and Michelle Obama went on their first date. It’s a true love story and allows us to see the true power of black love. Also, The New Edition Story will be on BET starting at 5 p.m. if you’re like me and still obsessing over the film, actors, music, clothes, I could go on! Not only is the film great, but positive images of young, black men are very much needed. Especially when 45th (similar to leaders before him) want nothing but to oppress them.

5. Educate yourself on issues more

Photo taken from Women’s March on Washington this January


              There’s a reason we have to find ways to see the light on days like last month’s inauguration and today. The things our “president” is trying to implement is damaging everything this country is supposed to stand for and there are organizations of people who are actively trying to stop it. Check out updates from Women’s March on Washington and its upcoming strike to showcase the importance of women in the workplace. Continue to see if there are any companies who are supporting the immigration ban and protest the existing ones, even if all you can do is not give them your service. Also, Black Lives Matter is still going strong, find out how you can get involved within your community. The only way to get to a nation of equality is if we all stand together. We clearly can’t count on our president so we need to work together on President’s Day and any other day.




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