My LCO Method on natural hair

Happy Monday, lovelies! I’m in between protective styles right now and that gives me time to give my hair a rest and let it be the big, curly bush that it is. I genuinely think every natural girl should go a while to give their hair a break. During this time I’ve gotten very familiar with my hair and the somewhat-dreaded wash day. My love affair with washing my hair is so incredibly real because it can be so time consuming. At the end of the dreaded day, however, I have to make sure my hair is nice and moisturized for the week ahead. This is why the LCO method is so important for your curls. Even though some are using the LOC method (Leave-In conditioner, oil and cream), Adding cream before oil has made my hair feel more soft and bouncy. With these products together, my hair feels refreshed and ready for the styles ahead.


Leave in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is crucial to hair growth and moisture. It is so perfect for your hair to stay feeling its best throughout the day. This leave in conditioner from Shea Moisture not only smells AMAZING, it isn’t too oily on my hair and leaves my curls feeling light.

Curling cream

I love a cream that isn’t thick on my hair is definitely bae! I hate feeling like all the work I did on wash day goes to waste once I use a new product. Since I’ve started using the Shea Moisture curling cream, however, I can’t think of a better product that leaves my hair with bouncy and defined curls! The only con of this cream is it can get a little greasy, so a light use for this would be key.


Coconut oil


Now, coconut oil has been a little controversial lately due to some naturalistas saying it does nothing for their hair. I unfortunately can agree on some levels, even though I have been continuing to use coconut oil. I love this organic coconut oil that you can find at Walmart, as it’s light and feels great on my hair. While I’ve tried other oils, this is the only one I can credit with my hair growth.

I apply the LCO method in my latest YouTube video:


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