Style book Inspiration:Comic book realness

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Good morning, lovelies! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a style book inspiration look and I couldn’t be happier to come back with this look. I’ve been in a fun mood with my style again. I’m back to not caring too much about opinions and focusing more on what feels right to me. This was the inspiration behind this look. I wanted something bold and to have everything else complement it. I saw this Moschino blazer and definitely fell in love. Not only is it from the 1991 collection and a rare piece, I love the comic book feel to it and like the idea of wearing it with just a bra underneath. I know black can be more simple than extravagant, but I saw this skirt and nothing else made sense with the look. Paired with booties and tights, this look is perfect for “casual day” at the office (if you’re feeling froggy lol) or date night.
See anything you like? Find out how to get it!

Moschino blazer

Sexy skirt

Forever 21 red tight

Elie Saab short boots

Moschino leather handbag
$575Β –Β

Thoughts on this look? Let me know in the comments!



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