Springtime Thrifting

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! This is the first week of Spring and I hope yours is amazing so far! Here, in glorious Ohio, the weather still doesn’t quite know who it wants to be (personification alert), so I wear a coat in the morning, grab a sweater in the afternoon, and refer back to the coat in the evening. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what Spring has to offer besides my not-so-cute seasonal allergies.

Top: Gabriel Brothers, $9.99

 As I’ve explained in my previous post, I have money that needs to be saved before and after I move out on my own, so the Spring 2017 trends at Macy’s or Nordstrom may have to catch me on the flip side this season. Unfortunately, because I am the shopping addict I am, I have to treat myself to things after long weeks of 9-5 and the blog. So, what will I be doing, you might ask? I, my dear, will be thrifting! I have always loved thrifting, but I want to get more serious about it in order to save my coins and get creative. Here are some things I plan on doing on my next thrifting haul that might help you, too!

  1. Budget, Budget, BUDGET!!

      I know the idea of budgeting at the thrift store sounds contradictory and borderline crazy to those of you who are, for the most part, very careful with your money and have embraced your inner Mr. Krabs. This suggestion is for my lovelies who just can’t, for the life of them, not overspend! I mean seriously, I can go into any store and if I leave after spending $30, I’m checking my own purse for stolen items. This is why I’m creating a budget for myself for my next visit. I need to make sure I stick to it even if everything is “so cheap”. “So cheap” items can add up faster than expensive ones and I for one don’t plan on asking the poor representative at the counter to take half of my shopping cart back because I wasn’t counting.

Pants: Gabriel Brothers, $11.99

  1. Finding items that are DIY material or different

        One of the things I see that bothers when I go to thrift stores in my city are designer or “trendy” clothes at the thrift store. I understand it is one of the reasons people go to thrift stores, but I like to go to find something rare. I love designer clothes as much as anyone else, but sometimes you want to step out of your element and wear something no one else can find. The next time I visit a store, I’m challenging myself to be creative. I’m looking for things I can make into my own and searching for opportunities to be unique. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to follow the masses and buy everything they’re selling. Dig deep and discover your true show stoppers.

Lips:NYX Liquid Suede Amethyst-$6.99

  1. Go with someone who knows their stuff!

     We all have our group of certain friends and family members when it comes to events. We have our party people, our artsy people, our deep thinkers, the list can last forever. Now that I’m getting serious about thrifting, it’s time to put myself with people who will seriously help me find cheap and cool things to wear. My mom and aunt are perfect for the job and, unbeknownst to them, will be my new guides. These ladies know how to find what they need and leave when they don’t. Finding someone older or more experienced than you to guide you for the first few sessions can be great because this is what they do on weekends. This is their runway, Super Bowl, and Madison Square Garden combined. Let them be great in their environment and it can help you make it yours, too.


What are your thoughts on thrifting? Do you have any of your own methods to the madness? Let me know in the comments! Happy thrifting!


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