Mood board Monday: I am love

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Happy Monday, lovelies!  It’s the first Monday of April and we are now in the second quarter of the year. How was your first quarter? Did you accomplish everything you needed to? What could you have improved on? These are questions I found myself asking in the days leading up to April.

I’m happy to say the answers were positive. In the last three months of 2017, I’ve been working out, eating better, tying up loose ends in terms of my finances, got into another school for my graduate studies, and secured an apartment in a new city. I’ve also believed in myself more in terms of my creativity with my blog and Youtube channel. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy and I don’t have more work to do, but just writing this makes me feel so good about myself. I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to document your journey, whatever it may be. Whether it’s with a journal, blog, vlog, or even photography, it’s important to see how far you’ve come to see where you’re going.
I’ve always loved mood boards. Not only are they great for decor and fashion planning, mood boards are great for self expression and they’ve been my therapy in the past. For this mood board, I was inspired by the words in the middle, “I am love”. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to love yourself, and that’s something I’ve had to do these past few weeks.

When I think of love, I always think of red. Red makes a statement and it’s bold and bright. I feel happy and sexy when I wear it, which is why I think this is great for trends. It’s apart of the floral spring 2017 trend, as well as the bright colors, so it is great to wear this season. And nothing says bold in love like a red lip! It gives you the opportunity to stand strong in your self-love and look amazing.
What are your thoughts on this mood board? Let me know in the comments!




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