My DIY crochet wig with bomba twists

Hi lovelies! I hope everyone is having an amazing and productive day in chic! Over the last year, I’ve been in a great space in my natural hair journey. My hair is healthier and stronger than it’s been in about three years. Protective styles have played a major role in my natural hair journey and this has been one of my favorite ones yet!


When I first made this crochet wig, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. It was my first time creating a wig and I didn’t know if I was going to waste my money on my latest DIY project. I’m so happy it didn’t turn out that way! The hair turned out amazing and I was constantly being complimented on the unit. This was a great lesson for me to shut down any self doubt I have. When you feel something, just go for it and worry about the results later. As I got started, I realized my fear was all in my head and I kept moving. This applies to anything you might be afraid to try out.


     I used Senegal Mambo twists for this look. Once they were installed onto a wig cap, I unraveled the twists to create a twist out look. The hair was so soft and easy to run your fingers through initially. Over time, however, you’ll begin to feel some tangling in the hair but, hey, it’s braiding hair!

     I loved playing with different styles with this hair. Because crochet hair is more natural than straight, it was super easy to blend my natural hair with the wig. I loved changing it up with updos or letting it go wild with my bangs. If you’re looking for a look that is versatile and realistic, this is perfect for you!



What are your thoughts on this hair? And what is something you’ve been afraid to try that you’re going to go for anyway? Let me know in the comments!




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