Chic inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Good morning, lovelies! We’re almost done with this week and I hope you all are still staying the course on what you need to accomplish! Since it’s Thursday and some people are still throwing it back on social media, I thought today would be a great time to pay homage to those who have helped me along my fashion journey. It’s kind of like fashionable mentions but with a twist!

 Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve paid homage to some fashion icons of mine, but have yet to speak about the amazing Ms. Carrie Bradshaw (SJP, if ya nasty). From the moment I saw Sex and the City for the first time, I was obsessed with Carrie’s look. I admired how quirky her style was and how many aspects of it were similar to my own style. From her bold colors to her “ghetto gold” jewelry, the style of Carrie is timeless and can still spark a conversation among fashion and style experts alike. For me, Carrie Bradshaw was and is still a style guide when I’m shopping. I always think of how I can be different in my style and be fearless in my looks like she was. I have multiple times where I was subconsciously emulating what she was doing while I was going out or to an event.

  1. The hair


    Carrie’s c-c-curly hair definitely had a mind of its own during Sex and the City’s run. I, like Carrie, thoroughly enjoy big hair and all it brings to a look. On many occasions I’ve had the styles that resembled her “bed head” and I’ve been extremely expired with my latest blonde look. My natural hair has also made me feel the essence of her when Carrie cut her hair in season five.


  1. Big skirts


   When most people think of Sex and the City, they think of Carrie Bradshaw walking through New York City with her pink ballet skirt. It was the first time I realized her style was similar to my own and when I found skirts like it, I mostly always grabbed it! The flow of tulle skirts are completely comfortable and yet chic. Even though I always put my own spin on it with tennis shoes or boots, the inspiration is definitely all about Carrie.


  1. Short dresses


        One thing about Carrie is she has never had a problem showing skin. She exudes confidence in her clothing and you can’t help but to be inspired by how she makes anything her own. This is what I’ve wanted to show in my own style, because as you guys know, I’ve never needed an excuse to show skin. This dress and others like it that I own are inspired by Carrie and great to wear in a casual setting. I love how a basic dress can be extremely accessorized or implement one or two accessories, similar to what Carrie and I did. I love the idea of having a simple look that still says so much, and I liked when Carrie randomly did this on the show and in the movies.


      What are your thoughts on the various styles of Carrie Bradshaw? Has she inspired you in your own personal style? Let me know in the comments!




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