Style (coloring) Book Inspiration



Happy Thursday, lovelies! How are you all doing this week? I’m a crazy mix of emotions, as I’ve been getting prepared to move into my new apartment and get my grad school life in order. But, nonetheless, I’m making it through and guess what? YOU WILL TOO!

 I’ve been slipping so much with my concert viewings this year. Last year, I saw Tamela and David Mann (Brown and Cora lol), Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton, Drake and Future! Even though 2016 wasn’t the best, seeing them was definitely a highlight. I want to do that again this year but on a larger scale. This means more traveling and memories to make.


To start this adventure,  I have to see Chance the Rapper! While I’ve always known who he is, but I didn’t become a big fan of Chance the Rapper’s music until his release of Coloring Book last year. It was a pure, creative, fantastic piece of art that I talked about every chance I got. The album came at the same time I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it through my transition from college. In my dark days of going to my 9-5 and not knowing what the next step would be, I listened to Coloring Book every day. Listening to a rapper speak about how he “speaks to God in public” and assures his fans their blessing is coming and they have to get ready for it lifted my spirits astronomically. It was also an amazing way to show people just because the world views you as one thing doesn’t mean you can’t create something out of your element, especially if that is what God called you to do.


As you guys can see, Chance and Coloring Book is an inspiration to me. I have to see him live, even if I have to go alone! When I go see him live, this will be one of my options to wear. I love mixing different colors and going with a theme, so I thought this would be a fun theme for the concert. The colors highlight the album color and, like the album, is a vast array of different vibes. I liked the idea of adding a somewhat dainty shirt with cargo shorts for a tomboyish look. Block heels like these are so fun yet thick enough for you to stay on your feet during the concert. Even though the concert will most likely be indoors, sunglasses are pretty much a requirement with this look and these glasses are so fun and go perfect with the theme!

   What are your thoughts on this look or Chance the Rapper? Are there any concerts you’re excited to see this Spring/Summer? Let me know in the comments! And details on this look are below!



Velvet shirt

Elastic waist shorts

Buckle sandals




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