My go-to Wash and Go gel

Good morning lovelies! I hope all of you are having a great and chic Tuesday! After being so overwhelmed with moving and registering for school that I’ve almost completely abandoned the love of my life: My hair! I mean you guys, I basically treatย  my hair as if it was my child and I felt so disgusting when I had to neglect it for almost three weeks! But alas, I was able to tend to my hair last week and am a much, MUCH better woman for it.

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I used to be terrified of wash n’ gos when I first started my natural journey. Like most naturalistas, I held on to my relaxed hair way longer than I should’ve and once I decided to finally let go of the terrible tresses, my curl pattern did not make me happy. Now that I’ve been taking more care of my hair, however, I can’t imagine life without wash n’ gos. While I still love my twist outs and especially my braid outs, I love having the “free” look that wash n’ gos give my hair.


Contrary to popular (and somewhat ignorant) belief, wash n’ gos take energy and time to maintain. Similar to any hairstyle, you need to have the right products to give your curls the pop they need to master this look. In addition to a great curling cream, a gel is needed for this look.

While I was shopping with some products, I always go back to the curling gel souffle from Shea Moisture.ย This gel is made from agave nectar and flaxseed oil and does wonders for my hair. I love how soft it makes my hair feel yet still gets the job done as far as locking my curls and keeping them in place. Using the gel ensures my hair keeps bouncy curls throughout the day and is one of the less expensive items on the Shea Moisture roster.

Photography and Styling done by Liz

What are your thoughts on Shea Moisture’s curling gel? What are your favorite Wash n’ Go products? Let me know in the comments! And check out the other natural hair products I use here.




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