Wellness Wednesday: The importance of a Mental Health Day



There is nothing more important than one’s mental health. Taking care of your mental health not only helps your soul and personal life, it also has a large influence on your professional life. Sometimes the weight of the world can be too much and you have to take a break. Multiple articles have coined the term for this, “Mental Health Day”. A day where you take a personal day without feeling bad about it. You unwind. Watch a show. Read a book. Stay off your phone and spend the day entirely for you. This concept is so important and something I believe to be necessary on a monthly basis.

 This concept, however, can be very difficult for us. Millennial, black women. We are pursuing our careers and dreams and it feels as if 24 hours is never enough. So how can we possibly sit down and do nothing for 24 hours but take care of ourselves? While it sounds almost impossible, it is so important for us to wind down and take care of those thoughts suffocating our mind while we’re at work. Here are some of my favorite things to do when I take a mental health day:



     I have fallen back in love with reading. I used to blame my attention span for not reading as much, but now I feel so sirene and inspired after reading. I encourage you to read some inspirational books to enrich your mind and expand your horizons. Currently, I’m reading #GirlBoss and Sophia Amoruso’s story is so inspiring for any female entrepreneur. Books that can teach you something new are so great for a mental health day and gives you an excuse to stay off your phone!


Go outside.

When I think of a day off, I think of sleeping in, making breakfast, watching tv and just overall relaxing. While these things are definitely great to do to free your mind, going out can make you more likely to stay off of the things that consume your brain during the week (email, website, social media etc). Since I’m still navigating through a new city, I love to explore bookstores, parks, and thrift by myself. I think if you’re able to do things like this alone, you begin to truly enjoy your own company and realize you don’t have to depend on anyone to do anything with you.


  I cannot stress the importance of journaling enough! I literally feel like I’m answering my own questions about life while I’m writing. I encourage you to document your mental health day journey by writing. I love seeing how the journey manifests when I take one.


Mental health is so fragile and so necessary to upkeep. If you can, take one every month or at least every 3 months. You will feel so invigorated and glad you took care of yourself in the midst of taking care of everyone and everything else.





2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: The importance of a Mental Health Day

  1. Great article! I always advocate for myself and my colleagues to take a personal day! I’m thankful that the agency I work for encourages personal days and even includes 2 annual ‘personal days’ as part of our benefits in addition to vacation and sick time. Personal days are the best ways to regroup! Great read!

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