What is Here Comes the Chic Magazine?

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   Being a black girl is one of the most joyous, magical gifts one can have. I’ve often been sad for people who aren’t both female and black. We are bosses, queens and we get things done without being asked. We set trends and don’t look back and even when others try to tear us apart, we come back and fight and demand for what is respectfully ours. This magazine is for us and created by a black girl who decided to go for her dreams. While one would say we have platforms, I would like to think we don’t have enough. So this is another ode, if you will, for the chic and carefree black girl. This magazine will promote the positive strides and triumphs we have in the fashion and beauty industry. It will also provide tips and advice for the body and soul to navigate through this crazy world. I’m glad you came and I’m more than excited for this journey!

Meet the Editor-In-Chic


    My name is Elizabeth Randolph, but feel free to call me Liz. I’m a journalist and self-proclaimed fashion junkie from Ohio. I have loved fashion and writing for as long as I can remember and I’ve always dreamed of pursuing a career in the industry. I thought, I’ll go to college, move to New York, intern at Teen Vogue (yes it was that specific, ha) eventually get hired in and have a cute little Carrie Bradshaw-inspired apartment. Not only did any of this not happen after I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Journalism at Kent State University, but I’ve realized that’s not what I want. As a black girl navigating through internships and then the corporate world, I’ve realized I can’t live my life in a box. In order for me to say what I want and live the way I want, I’ll have to create my own lane. Yes, the New York apartment dreams are still there and Elaine Welterworth can call me at any time, but I want to make something for black women who don’t make it to glossy pages but are out here making amazing moves. In doing this, I’ll be challenging myself and opening doors for other creatives.


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