Stylebook: Fashion dupe for Balenciaga boots

          Balenciaga released its boots earlier this year as part of its Spring 2017 collection and they have been all over Instagram and blogs. Celebrities have flocked to the trend, including YouTube star Tlazsa. While it is summer, boots can definitely be worn and this trend is sure to come along.         But what if you don’t have the … Continue reading Stylebook: Fashion dupe for Balenciaga boots

4 black-owned beauty products on my May wishlist

  Hi, lovelies! I hope you had a great start to your day and are ready to take on the afternoon! Last week was nothing short of madness for the natural hair community. One of the community’s most beloved brands (and one of my personal favorites) Shea Moisture put out a post for their latest campaign which caused quite the uproar. The post, which appeared … Continue reading 4 black-owned beauty products on my May wishlist

Mood Board Monday: Platform party

  Happy Mood Board Monday, lovelies! This mood board is inspired by platforms! The trend has been everywhere and I need to have some for the Summer 2017 season. I love the Miu Miu platforms and they are great to wear for a cocktail or a mixer, as they’re great conversation pieces. I also love the pink platforms from Doll Skill are amazing for casual … Continue reading Mood Board Monday: Platform party

Chic inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Good morning, lovelies! We’re almost done with this week and I hope you all are still staying the course on what you need to accomplish! Since it’s Thursday and some people are still throwing it back on social media, I thought today would be a great time to pay homage to those who have helped me along my fashion journey. It’s kind of like fashionable … Continue reading Chic inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

My DIY crochet wig with bomba twists

Hi lovelies! I hope everyone is having an amazing and productive day in chic! Over the last year, I’ve been in a great space in my natural hair journey. My hair is healthier and stronger than it’s been in about three years. Protective styles have played a major role in my natural hair journey and this has been one of my favorite ones yet! When … Continue reading My DIY crochet wig with bomba twists

Mood board Monday: I am love

  Happy Monday, lovelies!  It’s the first Monday of April and we are now in the second quarter of the year. How was your first quarter? Did you accomplish everything you needed to? What could you have improved on? These are questions I found myself asking in the days leading up to April. I’m happy to say the answers were positive. In the last three … Continue reading Mood board Monday: I am love